Ways To Improve Your Facebook Marketing Campaign

When there is revolution of a lifetime, then you can guarantee that the youth brigade is the biggest beneficiary in it especially with the Facebook marketing campaign up for grabs that has become a popular norm to become famous aside from ingenious ways to avail Best quality Youtube views for getting more subscribers.

This post will teach you how to improve your current Facebook campaign, or how to set up a new campaign that works.You may need to consider starting from scratch, or making a new page if you aren’t currently having much luck with it.The number one thing I see people doing wrong when making a Facebook page is picking the wrong title.The title is the most important thing in terms of SEO, because if nobody is searching for the phrase in the title, it doesn’t matter if you’re ranking for that term on Google, or in a Facebook search.Many people give their page the name of their brand, thinking that they are building their brand, and that customers will seek them out to start a conversation.For small businesses and small websites, the search volume of their brand name is almost always 0 exact match searches a month on the Google keyword planner.If it’s not 0, then it’s probably only due to an extensive advertising campaign or a long time building up a web presence through other means.The thing is, Facebook has a huge SEO potential. If you google my name, Rowan Casey, the first result is my Facebook profile, then a Linked In profile, a Twitter profile, then my site, then Google Plus.

It’s a similar thing when you do a search on affordable social media marketing services, you get my Facebook page with that title number one, then my site is a few results down.At one time my site was steady at number one, but I found it took so much less effort to rank with my Facebook page, I didn’t bother doing SEO on my site anymore.Simple as that, or not quite that simple, I did have to build many quality back links to my Facebook page, which I also link to from the home page of my site.I also run Facebook Ads on it at a dollar a day, to get targeted likes in an ongoing way, and I post on the wall whenever I can.I am quite busy though, because I’m doing the same thing for three or four clients, and it’s working for them as well.If you’re interested, I can run a complete Facebook marketing campaign for you and your site, there’s a link to my site in the sidebar, that one is a guest post that explains what I do.This involves building and designing a page with anything you want on it, building quality back links to it for SEO after first doing keyword research to find a good title.I can manage a Facebook Ads campaign at the same time, and post on the wall of your page, all for around $300 a month.This is the minimum amount that you would pay for any SEO campaign, but you get results straight away due to the ads, and the SEO part of it costs a lot less.The reason why I’m able to do SEO for less than any SEO company out there, and get decent results over time, is that I know how to build real authority back links that work, and Facebook has such a huge advantage on a new website because it’s a huge PR 9 authority site.