What is the top web-browser in China?

Google Chrome is still the number one browser in China. It has 58.22 percent of the market share. Second in place is the Microsoft Edge which has 16 percent with increasing shares in the past years. Google Chrome and Microsoft Edge are the top places when it comes to desktop browsers. However, when it comes to mobile browser, Safari is still the number one in the market with almost 20 percent of share in 2020. Second in the line is Baidu browser which has 71.43 percent in 2020. Third in line is QQ browser which has 13.25 percent of the market share. Ranked fourth to seventh are Huawei, Xiaomi and chrome.

When it comes to the top mobile internet browser in china, Chrome is still considered as the number one in rank. As a matter of fact, according to a survey, it is the top option among online users in China. Next n the rank is UC browser which is also considered as one of the main competitors in the China’s mobile web browser market. Third in the rank is Sogou. It is another popular product in the Chinese market. It is also considered as second largest search engine in China and the company also owns an input software. Browsers like QQ and 360 are next in the rank.

Overall, the Chinese market tends to be very careful and choosy when selecting the reliable and trusted browser in the market. Lots of people do suffer from fraud online when they do online shopping. Some of the hackers and online criminals pretend to be a customer online store so they will be able to get their payment option.

Hence, before doing any transaction online, make sure you are using a trusted and reliable browser like original uc browser.