ZeroAvia Trying To Make The Most Of Amazon, Shell and Bill Gates-backed Fund

ZeroAvia is on a mission to manufacture and create hydrogen-fueled flight in the next 3-4 years and they are already on the verge of launching some of their prototypes. ZeroAvia has made it clear that they are planning to make the idea of zero-carbon & zero-emission aviation a reality. The use of hydrogen-electric engines is going to create a significant impact in the entire world in the near future. This idea has attracted huge attention from big names in the industry and ZeroAvia is now one of the most popular and capable startups in the world.

ZeroAvia has already raised more than $56 million from different investors through many rounds of funding. Billionaires like Bill Gates have also backed them with monetary help and believe that the company has a huge potential to be successful in the coming years. The idea of running aircrafts on hydrogen or electric powered engines has sparked a lot of attention in the industry. Other ace investors who have backed ZeroAvia in their mission include Amazon Climate Pledge Fund, Horizons Ventures, Shell Ventures and Summa Equity.

Industry advocates believe that ZeroAvia can also be the ticket to solving many of the problems facing the airline industry. The company has partnered with British Airways and received a $16.3 million grant from the UK government to ensure that its 19-seat hydrogen-electric aircraft will be ready for market by 2023. With this round, longtime investor Shell Ventures has doubled down on its commitment to ZeroAvia, backed by the company’s unique approach to integrating a large number of proven technologies to bring hybrid hydrogen-electric aviation to market.

ZeroAvia has some really great plans on which they are currently working on and we believe they will definitely launch their first electric or hydrogen powered engine for aircrafts soon.