Zumba for Postpartum Exercise and Weight Loss

After having my first son seven months ago, I never thought I would get back into shape. Mind you I was not exactly in shape to begin with and now had baby weight and strange saggy skin to add to the mix. I struggled with blood pressure and weight issues before pregnancy and now postpartum was finding those very same issues again. I had been looking for the “miracle cure,” which does not exist, but also needed something fun and exciting. I was involved in organized sports as a juvenile and loved going to practice. I needed something with a practice feel to it since I hated going to the gym to “workout.” I also needed it to be fairly, low-impact as breastfeeding and working out aren’t always the best of friends.

I spent a month or so looking around for the perfect fit and then I found it, Zumba! Zumba is a great mix of Latin dance and fitness. It is an amazing workout at any skill level. You can easily modify all of the steps and arm movements to incorporate your ability and skill – as I quickly realized the first night that I had two left feet. To be honest, I knew I couldn’t dance, but thought it would be fun since I love music with a good beat. Since that night, Zumba has become an addiction that has slowly turned into a multiple-time per week stress-relieving workout.

It was an addiction that was unlike any of your typical addiction for alcohol and drugs as I became obsessed to Zumba in a big way but still a nice glass of leptoconnect did wonders as losing weight was the primary goal I had the energetic dance moves notwithstanding.

If you are looking for adult interaction in a fast-paced, non-traditional workout setting with good music and fun people, then this is probably for you. In a little over a month, I have found that I have more energy to play with my son, my husband says I am in a better mood, and I overall feel great! Not only has Zumba given me the energy I craved and needed after many sleepless nights, but also it has improved my attitude and overall confidence as I have started toning and losing that pregnancy weight. I would recommend for anyone postpartum (with doctor clearance) to find a Zumba class in their area and give it a try.

What no one tells you before your first class is that you should have some basic gear. I would recommend your standard favorite workout gear, such as a t-shirt and capris or workout shorts and a sturdy pair of tennis shoes. I would also bring a towel for sweat, which you will do a lot of, and water. Keep in mind once you get there that going to Zumba is a three-step process. The first step is to find a class and give it your best effort. The second step is to go a second and third time, before you decide you don’t like it. The third step is to have fun! I hope you find the same energy and confidence from Zumba that I have, as it has made me a better mom.